Welcome to Wiregrass Weight Loss! You can lose weight now! The purpose of this site is to provide you with the most updated information along with the latest lipotropic and medications under the direction of our physician's. All of our physician's are specialist's in weight loss. With our program you will lose weight and learn to keep it off. All of the lipotropic products are provided to you through a locally based compounding pharmacy. Remember we DO NOT charge for weekly office visits or co-pays. Remember to "Start Achieving Instead of Dreaming" here at Wiregrass Weight Loss.

About Our Services

Weight loss can be accomplished in many ways.  Some people prefer to join a weight loss clinic so that they can be held accountable for weekly progress.  Any amount of weight gain is difficult to reverse. Now there is a research based, physician monitored alternative to the traditional weight loss programs. Wiregrass Weight Loss will provide you with a body fat analysis, and a research based weight loss program that is highly effective. Patients choosing to become a part of our program (every 7 days) injection or lipo pills can expect to lose inches and weight safely and consistently. Our medical protocol requires a complete blood panel which consists of a CMP, Lipid Panel, TSH & T4 tests.

This program is devised for the patients who want to lose any amount of weight. Some patients will be prescribed appetite suppressants, which will alleviate "the munchies". In addition to the Lipotropic formula, each patient will be placed on a life changing plan and exercise program which entails a minimum of 30 (thirty) minutes of cardiovascular exercise a day, ex: walking.

Remember that it is normal for a person weight to vary from time to time during the day depending on when you have eaten also the amount of water that has been consumed.

Some patients come into the program thinking that they can take the injections and or lipo pills every week and then skip a few weeks and have a solution to weight loss. This program is based on having the lipotropic injections and/or lipotropic pills (every 7 days) and not to go without beyond 7 days. There is not a magic solution only a change of life style to accomplish weight loss. The injections and/or lipo pills cannot work if you continue to eat too much fat, calories and wrong carbohydrates. Lipotropic means "fat-loving".

Here is a good analogy of how an emulsifier (fat-burner) works. Open a can of vegetable soup, floating on the top are big fat globules and little fat globules. Imagine these globules represent your body-fat traveling through your bloodstream to your muscle tissue where they will eventually be burned as fuel. The smaller fat globules will get there first because they travel more freely and efficiently. Lipotropic formula helps in the breakdown (emulsification) of body-fat. When fat is being stored it stores closest to the muscle first and over time more layers are formed on top of muscle causing us to become obese.

To be successful at losing weight, you need to change your lifestyle and not just go on a diet.  This requires cutting back on the number of calories you eat by eating smaller amounts of foods and choosing foods lower in fat.  Experts say that walking is one of the easiest and most useful excerises you can do.  It helps the total circulation of blood throughout the body and thus has a direct effect on your overall feeling of health.  Discuss the options with our doctor and take his advice in planning your exercise and weight loss program.

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